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Interim Leadership

Interim Leadership

Lead a change program, bridge the gap during a short-term leave of absence or the search for a permanent hire. Full-time (5 days/week).Typically 3-12+ months.

Interim Leaders Bridge The Gap

Interim leaders are embedded in organizations, working full-time, for a set period of time. These roles differ from fractional and advisory positions in length and intensity.  Interim leaders typically lead through periods of transition or until a permanent placement is hired.  

Use Cases

  • retaining an executive in the seat while the company looks for a permanent placement, which can be a protracted process
  • working with an executive who has specific expertise applicable to a prolonged but defined stage in the company’s life cycle, such as an IPO
  • bringing in a source of stability during more volatile periods like times of rapid departures across a team or rapid growth
Fractional Leadership

Fractional Leadership

Be a part-time ‘A’ player for early-stage, high-growth companies with changing needs. Part-time (2-4 days/week).Typically 3-12+ months

Fractional Leaders Target Business Needs

Fractional executives are usually retained for a few days per week. These kinds of engagements can span several weeks or several months.Fractional engagements can be regarded as “leaner” versions of interim roles, and can be more cost-effective in that regard. Fractional roles are also the perfect fit for cases where there is a need to supplement existing resources within the company with the knowledge and expertise that a part-time “A-player” executive can bring.

Use Cases

  • be hands on and bring their specific skill set to guide a team through a new growth stage or venture
  • lead the implementation of a specific project
  • provide overall leadership on a temporary basis to an existing team, particularly when the team is already seasoned and consolidated
  • when an experienced leader can only fit the available budget and work scope on a part-time basis


Provide mentorship to new executives or guidance to senior leadership team for targeted issues.Under 1 day/week

Advisory Leaders Bring Expertise

Advisory leaders offer a consultative model, where individuals are engaged for a limited amount of hours per week or month to offer expert insight to a full-time executive or team. In advisory engagements, talent is retained to provide input on various challenges on an ongoing basis or on a recurring topic over time.

Use Cases

  • offering mentorship to a “rising star” or newly seated senior executive; the seasoned executive offers advice and functions as a sounding board to ensure success in the mentee’s role
  • helping to guide a company or team’s strategic, longer-term efforts
  • allowing investors to retain subject matter experts available to advise multiple portfolio companies on various topics on an ongoing basis

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