On Demand Recruiting

The Talentrendz Difference

No Margin for errors
Deliver talent when you need it with our embedded recruiters. All for a flat monthly fee.

Say "Goodbye" to hiring challenges

Scale your internal hiring

Scale your internal hiring

Use as a permanent bandwidth solution or as a temporary stop gap for hiring spikes and resource shortages. 
Best of Both worlds

Get the best of both worlds

Through agency speed and corporate acumen, OnDemand recruiters are powered by tech and deliver talent seamlessly within your company.
Transform Hiring

Transform hiring from within

Build out your entire talent team and process. We build successful talent acquisition functions from the ground up.

Selecting your recruiter

Don’t overload your team or hire people you don’t need long-term. Every On Demand engagement starts with a deep understanding of your business, people, and goals. Below is how we approach each engagement:
  • Assessment of hiring goals, culture, and talent specialization needs
  • Identify which type of On Demand resource makes the most sense
  • Match a specific On Demand resource who specializes in hiring what you need and aligns with your culture
  • Establish a start date and initial duration for the engagement
  • Get started immediately so that your business isn’t held back by recruiting bandwidth

Types of On Demand Recruiters

Different ways we can embed


Recruiters who embed within your team as if they were one of your own. We’ll match you with a recruiter who specializes in your hiring needs and can seamlessly work within your culture.


Sourcers that build candidate pipelines so you don’t have to. Our specialized sourcers take the entire experience off your plate and hand off qualified candidates weekly for you to engage.

Process Designer

Recruitment consultants who integrate within your team to elevate your processes. Through intelligent design, we’ll create new talent acquisition experiences that deliver.

Here's how they will help


  • Developing a pipeline of candidates – only for your business
  • Passive candidate searches
  • Writing and placing adverts
  • Managing candidate responses
  • Enhancing your onboarding processes


  • Assessing CVs to identify quality applicants
  • Undertaking in-depth screening by phone, video or in person
  • Effective and engaging pitch regarding the company, the role and the brand
  • Reviewing candidate backgrounds
  • Management of relevant candidates into TA or Hiring Manager diaries

Process Designer

  • Manage, prioritise and successfully fill all job positions assigned
  • Build and maintain relationships with hiring managers
  • Be part of the wider internal team and support with best practice improvements
  • Build the employer brand and own the candidate experience
  • Recruit passive candidates
  • Recruitment administration

Our promise to customer

Fully embedded experiences
Simplify Hiring


Clients turn to us when their talent acquisition teams are over-stretched and under-resourced. 
We’re here to lighten the load. Both through the experienced resource we offer and also in how straightforward we make it to get started.
That’s why we’re committed to keeping our pricing, contracts and relationships clear, simple and straightforward. Our service is designed to make your life easier, so that we can all concentrate efforts on building your business for the future.
Scalable hiring


Our flexible resource enables you to scale your team up and down in line with your current hiring levels.
Our dedicated client teams are the next best thing to increasing your in-house function, but with less cost, risk and commitment.
Whichever of our service levels you choose from, you’ll have the freedom to flex and scale our activities as needed.
Speed Hiring


Our ‘on-demand’ experienced hands will help you react quickly to the hiring needs of your business.
We’re skilled at rapidly onboarding teams and making an immediate and positive impact.
We’ll get to grips with your business and culture quickly. Our consultants can build strong relationships with hiring managers, minimizing the time to meet your hiring brief and reducing your team’s workload from day one.

Partners in Possibility

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