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Uncovering the ‘BestFit’ for employers and job hunters alike. Looking beyond the CV’s and JD’s.Discovering people that can make businesses boom.We are Talentrendz, we get people


We Are Story Collectors. Story Tellers. Story Changers.
This is what we do.That’s a big statement and we recognize that. But we’ve always been about big. Big missions. Big beliefs. Big goals. Making big changes in peoples’ lives whether that be our clients, our candidates, or the people who work alongside us. Hey, we aren’t perfect at it and we’ll never claim to be. We’re people with a passion for people and their stories. That’s what we do around here. We are story collectors.
Here at Talentrendz, we take on this incredible responsibility of uncovering the person behind the resume and the true opportunity behind the job description. No matter what side you’re on, you know there’s so much more than a piece of paper can portray. There’s this entire history. This entire life. There’s heart and excitement and fear and talent, and it’s our job to collect all those beautiful and important pieces for both the candidate’s benefit and the client’s. We aren’t doing our job unless we’re telling the most accurate and whole story possible. We are storytellers, after all.
Those stories, both the candidate’s and the client’s, we feel so much responsibility in how they are handled and communicated. When we put one in front of the other, we do so as honestly as possible to find the perfect fit for both sides. If it’s not a fit, and sometimes it’s not, then our work continues. But if it is a fit, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when we become story changers.
Or, really, we become the facilitators of change. And not just any change but, specifically, a change towards something better. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we care. Because we feel the weight of every job description, every open opportunity, and every passionate person seeking to apply their skills. When we do our work well, we have a major impact in someone’s life. We’re not trying to inflate our own self-importance, but we are trying to set the bar high for our own work and services. Big impacts, big changes, big improvements in the lives we touch… that’s our goal. We do things big, remember?
So, if you were wondering, this is who Talentrendz is. We are story changers. And we’re changing the story of our industry.





About our founder Seemi Ejaz

Seemi started Talentrendz in 2023, like many successful businesses, Talentrendz started out very small – in a living room, actually – and went through a few transformations. It soon grew, however, into a recruitment system covering all types of jobs and professions and industries. Talentrendz. A new name for the bright future of recruitment.It’s a name that combines the two unique elements in the business of understanding how people tick.  The word “talent” is of Latin origin meaning to scale, balance, and sum.  Talent has its roots in measurement, power, and success, the word "trendz" is of English-German origin meaning to run or bend in a certain direction, to turnaround. Since day one Seemi has prioritized these two elements to uncover, "Talent" that has power to succeed, "Talent" that has the ability to identify "trends" and transform the business in such a way that they are indispensable.
Founder of Talentrendz
Clients' needs keep on evolving, but the fundamental challenge they face, remains: the need for new types of leaders with the skills to shape what’s next. 
"Leaders for what's next", this is where it all started, Talentrendz was born to help businesses fix their future of work. We’re a technology company, but we have always operated with a human-first mindset. Seemi believes that people are the core building blocks of every business but that doesn’t mean that we can treat every ‘block’ the same. That’s why we designed our candidate experience to help the disappointed people as well as the successful people. We care about people, their stories, their soft skills, and not about the words on their CV.
In line with digital India initiative, Seemi is committed to investing in the latest digital and data-enabled solutions. Our Ai creates good candidate experience, but it also generates vital data. Data, in turn, bring us equity and transparency. Data helps us to identify and interrupt the biases that affect human perception. They lead to deep insights that challenge subjective human judgment. They create collaborative intelligence for a fairer world.
Everything we do is focused on bringing talented people together in the workplace, helping create opportunities for individuals, teams and whole organizations to flourish. 
Every day we get closer to that ideal world. Inviting you to have a conversation about your leadership needs and the ways Talentrendz might partner with you to understand your context and work towards the right solutions for your organization.

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